T Shirt Printing for Cricket Clubs

T-Shirt Printing Made Easy

Choosing T-Shirt Style

The first step in any t-shirt printing project is to find the right fabric and style. The right shirt is critical to the process. Typically, customers just start with a basic cotton tee and proceed to make quality t-shirts for the best results. The style of the tee can be varied as well. Choices range from long or short sleeved shirts, light or heavy weight material, and varying neck styles, regular tees or hoodies. Other choices can be performance materials, tank tops or sleeveless options. Sizes can range from small to extra sizes, as well as men’s or women’s styles. Variety is the key to the best outcomes for the project at hand. Ensure you have some great ideas in mind for your custom t shirt design and printing.

Fancy Designs Made Easy

You may already have a design in mind or the print shop you go to can show you options in working and print styles. Especially important, the t-shirt needs to match the emotion behind the event you are planning to use it for. Do you want a t-shirt for a concert or party? Is the t-shirt just a simple humorous theme? Do you want a single shirt or do you want hundreds of shirts? There are a huge amount of ideas out there, and all it takes is a little creativity to make the right statement for your occasion.

Examples of t-shirt styles can include:

  • Colour theme
  • Custom logos and designs
  • Font and ink requirements
  • So Much More!

What Time Constraints Are Required?

It may be that you have a huge order, and need the t-shirts as soon as possible. All that is needed is to get together with the printer you decide to use and set a time period for delivery. In some cases, depending on customer needs, it’s possible to get the t-shirts ordered as same-day service. All of that can be determined with the print shop’s input. In some cases, based on whether you are near the print shop, or in the outback of Australia, the method of ordering and delivery may vary from going to the print shop, or completing the entire job online.

Find the Right T-Shirt for Any Occasion

Make certain that the t-shirt made will be the right one for the event you’re printing it for. If the design is for a small group of people, perhaps a light-weight material is best. Keep it simple when you can. If the event calls for a larger variety, that’s when choices of styles and shirt designs will make a difference in the long run.

A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

It’s not difficult to complete the perfect t-shirt printing project. With a few ideas, the printers can take your information and build a mock-up t-shirt for any customer. Follow up with deciding on the design that speaks best for the occasion, and you’re on your way to the best t-shirts ever!