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The Queensland Bulls Cricket Team

Queensland’s Premier Male Cricket Team Since 1882

Queensland’s Cricket History

Cricket has be seen in Queensland as early as 1857, two years before its separation from New South Wales and statehood. The first inter-colonial, or representative, match was in 1864 when the Queensland XXII was beaten by the New South Wales XI. They would record their first victory in 1875 when the Queensland XVIII beat the NSW XI. This victory was the spark behind the formation of the Queensland Cricket Association the following year.

In 1892/93, ten years after the formation of the Queensland Bulls, they were granted first-class status, winning their inaugural first-class match against NSW in that season by 14 runs. Due to the tyranny of distance, and the fact that the players held non-professional status, the opportunities for more than a few first-class competitions were limited.  During the 1892/93 season they rarely played more than two inter-colonial matches.

Their initial application to the Sheffield Shield Competition (1892/93) were refused. They were finally admitted to the Sheffield Shield 34 years later for the 1926/27 season. It was a successful debut for them, defeating NSW in their first ever Shield match. Like most new teams it was hard for them to maintain that level of competition. During the first 19 seasons they finished last (out of the then four-team competition) 15 times.

Queensland has gained momentum over the years and had gone on to win the Sheffield Shield seven times: 1995, 1997, 2000-2002, 2006, and 2012. They have also won the One Day Cups ten times: 1976, 1981-1982, 1989, 1998, 2007, and 2013-2014. Queensland also has a long history of producing players who have represented Australia in test matches. Over the years they have produced more than 50 test players.

The Bull’s Emerge

During the 1993/94 season Queensland adopted their current nickname and mascot: The Bull’s. The primary club colour, representative of the state colour, is Maroon. However, they use Gold as a secondary colour with the addition of White to contrast.

They are currently led by their captain, Usman Khawaja. Khawaja bats left-handed but bowls right.  Their coach, Wade Seccombe, is a retired first-class cricketer and was appointed as head coach on 16 June 2017. During his career he was regarded as a keeper of substantial skill, even though he spent most of it as a second choice behind incumbent Ian Healy.

The Bull’s play the majority of their home games at The Gabba, or The Brisbane Cricket Ground. It is a 42,000 capacity stadium located in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. It gets it’s nickname from the suburb of Woolloongabba