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Accommodation Options in Hervey Bay

Are you planning your next vacation to Hervey Bay? A holiday in Hervey bay is a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family. The wonderful weather and the scenic places are a must see. Plus the pristine beaches offer great opportunities for relaxation as well.

If you are looking for Hervey Bay accommodation options, you can find all of the following well suited for all kind of budget.

Guest house accommodation

A guest house is quite similar to a Bed and breakfast or a small motel. You may find yourself sharing space with the owner. However, you can also be assured of complete privacy as well. It’s not very expensive and quite easy on the pocket too. It’s great for people who are looking for a home like atmosphere, away from home.

Resort accommodation

You can find quite a few resorts in Hervey bay. Resorts usually are located near the beach or the park. This allows tourist to have a great scenic view and enjoy the fine weather at Hervey Bay. Resorts are great for travelers with leisure in mind. There are quite a few recreational activities like a pool or spas to relax in. what’s more you could enjoy a great foot or body massage as well. Rooftop barbeques and pretty much popular. All of these can be enjoyed at resort accommodations.

Villas and Cottages

Are you looking for a peaceful place away from the crowd? Than a villa or a cottage is a great way to have some privacy and quiet. Villas are spacious and offer more room than you would get at a hotel. Plus amenities like kitchen and pool can be enjoyed in privacy. You are free to do your own cooking.

Holiday apartments in Hervey Bay

Holiday apartments work well for people travelling in groups. This applies to those who are either travelling with family or friends. It allows you to take u things at your own pace. Get up and make your own breakfast, cook your own food and even take care of the laundry on your own. This helps makes things easier for people with younger children. Besides they offer more space so that kids don’t feel cloistered and can run around freely. The best part is that these can be a great deal cheaper than expensive hotel rooms which offer fewer enmities.


For those who are travelling in their own care or motor cycle, motels are a great options. There is loads of free parking space and the accommodations aren’t too expensive either. Though the lodgings could be pretty basic with not a great deal of luxury. However it suffices well for backpackers too. Motels tend to operate twenty four seven to cater to people who are always on the go and are basically just looking for a place to crash in and rest.

All the above mentioned accommodations can be found in Hervey bay. Before you plan your trip, make sure you make a booking at an accommodation which is well suited for your needs and budget.