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The Start Of Cricket In Queensland

The Queensland cricket team is based in Brisbane. They are representatives in Australia’s domestic cricket competitions. Evidence of the start of Cricket in Queensland was first noticed in the year 1857. This was the very first time the Queensland cricket team or the Bulls as they are called had an organized match against New South Wales. In 1876, the Queensland Cricket Association was established. This was the year the Bulls had their very first victory. They beat the New South Wales XI by 14 runs. After this victory, Queensland was granted the first-class status.

Though already making a name for themselves, the Queensland team was not opportune to constantly engage in the game. Most of their games were against New South Wales as against first-class competition. On one hand, the distance was a barrier and their location geographically did not help matters. The end result was that upcoming top talented players were not noticed and they were not able to compete in first-class competitions.

The Progress Of Cricket In Queensland

With the regular improvements made in transportation links across Australia, there was the marked progress of cricket in Queensland.  When the Sheffield Shield tournament started in 1892, applications from Queensland were rejected. But still in, 1910,  they beat New South Wales back to back and Victoria in Melbourne. The period from 1926 to 1927 marked the time when Queensland was finally admitted to Sheffield Shield. This year was when they had their first public appearance beating New South Wales in their first Shield match. As with new teams they had to constantly struggle to be better. With time, their performance improved especially with the emergence of Test players. Between 1928 to 1929, Brisbane hosted a test match for the very first time at the Exhibition Ground.

The period from 1964 to 1973 was not the best era for the Queensland Bulls. This was so as they finished in the last place eight out of the nine Sheffield Shield seasons that was organized. With this development, the Queensland Cricket Association resolved to recruit top high-profile players from other parts of the world to boost the team. The effect of this decision was immediately noticed. The Queensland Bulls came second place a total of four times and third place only once in five seasons. In 1975 to 1976, Queensland won their first ever domestic one-day cup.

The Queensland Cricket team waxed stronger in the early 1980s. This was made possible by the presence of exceptional players from Queensland and overseas. These players were runners-up consistently for several seasons.

Cricket In Queensland Presently

In the 1994 to 1995 season, Stuart  Law, an Australian born cricketer and then captain of the team, led the team to their first Sheffield Shield win. Since that glorious victory, the Queensland Bulls have won the Sheffield Shield competition a total of six times and have also been runner-up six times as well. In 1999 to 2002, they were there times consecutive winners of the competition.

Recently, in 2011 to 2012, they were victorious, winning by seven wickets over the Tasmanian Tigers. The Queensland team have since played a total of 18 out of 30 finals organized in the Sheffield Shield competition. As of recent, it is fair to say that the Queensland team has thoroughly established a name for itself in the domestic game.