Need to know facts about Darts Australia

The game of darts may be assumed by many as a pub game. It may have been but darts has since evolved. The game that has its origin in England has become so highly popular, governing bodies hold tournaments locally and globally.

The game of darts Australia has many variants, the most common starting with the score of 501 for each player. Each player competes to be the first to reduce the score to exactly zero. The first player to reach a zero score is declared the winner.

How it all started


It was in 1896 when Brian Gamlin started the design of the dart board. His idea was that heavily penalised mistakes are the result of putting small numbers next to large numbers. For instance, aiming for 20 but getting off target will only gain a score of either five or one. In the same manner, inaccurately aiming for number 19 may land a score of either three or seven.

Darts board layout and how the game is played


The 20 equal arcs cut into a circle is the darts board general layout. The centre holds an inner and outer bullseye. There are two rings with one located on the circle’s outer rim and another half-way to it. These rings represent double and treble scores.

Players will have to try to reduce their starting 501 scores to zero in the shortest time possible. As much as possible, players will aim to hit the highest score on the board which is treble 20. “One hundred and EIGHTYYY” is the classic cry given to a player that can use all 3 darts to strike treble 20.


Tips for accurate darts playing


There are exceptional players that can use only 9 darts to get their score from 501 to zero. Various studies are considering if this phenomenon happens because of the strategy of aiming for the most obvious targets.

Some experts suggest that players that can throw accurately should always try to hit treble 20. However, the same experts suggest alternative strategies for players that are not that good with playing darts.

Most darts players, on the other hand, have developed intuitive strategies. For instance, the alternatives to consider in case they miss the final double are to leave the power of two scores. This includes numbers 2, 4,8,16, 32.

If, for instance, a score of 32 finishes the game, the best alternative is to aim for double 16. Double 8 is the next number to aim for should they hit double 16. The thing to avoid are odd numbers on the remaining score. Ending with odd numbers means finishing the game using at least two darts.


Playing darts as a career


The accessibility and the excitement brought on by the darts game has also burgeoned into national and international competitions. Playing darts has become a lucrative career for some people. In fact, darts games have been found to garner some of the highest viewers in televised sports.

Earning through darts does not have to mean world-class performance right away. Start something small such as playing in local tournaments. These types of darts competition are open to everyone. Prizes usually include a trophy and cash ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

A game of darts can be confusing and tough for beginners. However, practicing the game is the surest way to hone your skills. Another thing you should know if you are new to the game is where to buy darts in Australia.